Me and the E-Bike

I promised you photos so here they are. The e-bike has a top speed of about 35 km/h (around 22 mph) and a pretty sweet battery life of 75 km. More photos and possibly a video to come soon.


Happy Winter Solstice!

I’m going to a Christmas/New Year’s Party tonight hosted by the International Education Office for the Foreign Professors. Should be strange and wonderful, as always. Today is also the winter solstice. So I guess the holiday party will also include a Chinese winter solstice section. I hope so. There had better be dumplings!

I promise to blog more and more often especially starting next week.

In other news, I bought myself an e-bike. This weekend  I will post photos of me in my Chinese Power Ranger armor and Betty (the bicycle).


Make sure you eat your dumplings lest your ears get blown off in the winter wind!

Brrr…. It’s a cold day

Brrr… It’s a cold day, Brr… It’s a freezing day, Brr… When the temperature goes down, down, down!

The past few days have been deliciously mild and autumnal. The mosquitoes have given way to flys and all the toads have gone to sleep. I was beginning to enjoy the endless Fall but when I woke up this morning, it was snowing. So much for that.

I have underestimated the Liaocheng winter. I have not felt this kind of cold before. It isn’t that it’s really that cold, around 25 degrees. It is the wind. It bites and tears at your soul. My nose and cheeks are still pink- and I’ve been home for an hour and a half! Bitter, sharp biting cold in this city.

The First Thanksgiving in Liaocheng

Thanksgiving had to be postponed due to scheduling conflicts. But the important thing is that we have it, not when. Thanksgiving cooking commenced yesterday and continued this morning. The menu includes: Steamed pumpkin bread, “Turkey” (chicken) with a midwestern style dressing with oysters, Pumpkin Soup, American style salad, mashed potatoes and of course, “Cranberry” Sauce. After a lot of improvising and hard work we managed to pull it off! Some photos now, more photos later.

Each day is an adventure

Sometimes I feel that someone is looking after me. I could have found myself at a challenge free university. I could have been given normal, Chinese speaking and fully professional colleagues. I could have found myself in a culture that was straight forward and organized, logical- but what would be the fun in that? Life is an adventure, right? I’ll take colorful and messy to bland and Vulcan. No second chances, so I’m going to try my damnedest to enjoy myself every day, all the time. Be thankful for each breath of air. Enjoy the food. Relish the awkward moments. Savor the strangeness of it all. Be like a duck. Life is a struggle- if it wasn’t it wouldn’t be good. And life is good. Each day is an adventure. Even when it’s a misadventure.