Homeward Bound (and Ten Days of Exploration)

I apologise for my lack of posting anything the past month. Things have not gone exactly according to plan. The short version is: Although I enjoyed the people at the school where I was working, I found that I wasn’t a good fit and the sake of my own happiness and mental health, I decided to resign. I succeeded in finding a kindergarten (preschool) that was a good fit but the visa clock ran out of time. (By the time my passport was through being processed by the local government , and the contract with the new school would be signed, I wouldn’t have time to complete the application for the new employment visa.)

So, I’m headed home. For now. My globe trotting days are not finished yet. It is good to be coming home. I’ll have only been gone for four months, but it feels like so much longer. Funny how time distorts when everything is uncertain and spinning around you. 

I have ten days left in Dalian as of today. Now that Spring has arrived in full tree blooming, warm breeze, bird nest building force, I plan on exploring the city as much as I can. My good buddy, EnQuan, is visiting me for the weekend. Today, we’re going to explore the greater XingHai Guangchang (Star Sea Square) area. Lots of photos will be taken and posted. Tomorrow we might take a day trip to the historical Lushun/Port Arthur on the southwestern point of the peninsula.