What was that parade all about?

In China, if you want to get people to purchase your products the only obvious thing to do is to dress up some poor college or high school students as your products and parade them around the city. This was a bei jiu (fermented rice wine) parade. I don’t know about you, but after seeing that parade of  giant humanoid inflatable alcohol bottles I could go for a shot or two of that face numbing brew… on second thought, I’ll pass. The idea for the parade most likely was hatched after sampling the product six too many times…


What in Kong FuZi’s Hallowed Name Are These People Doing?!

I apologise for the poor quality of these images, I saw this event from a moving bus.

What is THAT?! China Edition

Uh-oh! It’s time for another round of What is THAT?! China Edition. The answer to last round’s question is ‘C’, a mascot of Liaocheng University! Liaocheng is known as the Water City, so it’s natural that its public university’s mascot is a wildly grinning, anthropomorphic water droplet, right? Congratulations to those who guessed correctly! I think there were only two of you  😦 !

And now for round two! This next strange and wonderful thing was discovered in Jinan. No multiple choice this time! Good Luck!

And now for a game!

This is the first instalment of What the Hell is That? China Edition!

Since this is the first installment, it’ll be multiple choice. This is a photo of:

A) An angry raindrop

B) A sign indicating a public bathhouse

C) The university’s mascot

Stay tuned next week for the answer and another exciting game of “What the Hell is That? China Edition!”